Value is not always price driven!

  • May 20, 2016
  • Reflection

I once knew a keen photographer who decided to take up film making. He went out and spent £13,000 on the latest Cannon video camera, bought himself a lighting set and some editing software for his Mac. He got some nice looking business cards and started touting himself to friends, family and prospective clients as the next Ridly Scott (have you heard this one before?!)


After a while his clients became frustrated with a lot of the results he was producing. He blamed the camera and the complexity of the software to correct the results like under/over exposure and problems with the focus in his film which he described as “edgy”!

He didn’t seem to understand that to make great films you needed to understand a lot of the basic principles, knowledge that he had dismissed out of hand as irrelevant and outdated.

The point is that you can’t run before you can walk. If you want to be professional at what you do then you need the training and experience. All too often we see designers and printers who say on their CV’s that they’re fully versed in software or processes that in reality they only have a basic grasp of.

I have very different ideas; a senior designer or printer from one business might not survive as a junior at another. It’s down to where the bar is set at that individual studio or print shop.

I have been in the print and design trade for over 30 years and there are still loads for me to learn. Now and then, a junior member will stumble across a shortcut or a way of doing something that i hadn’t considered. It is important not to see this as criticising your experience or as a threat to the way you do things, but as valuable new information that will make you better at what you do.

Too often our desire for professional status leads us down the wrong path, but it is my strong belief that when you think you are at the “Top of the Tree” and there is nothing more to learn, this is the moment you stop getting better at what you do!

The core team at Graphics UK have clocked up over 150 years of experience and we are still discovering new screen printing and finishing techniques which keep us fresh and passionate about what we do.

How does this benefit you?

We are prepared to try new techniques and push the boundaries and most importantly, learn from our mistakes! This means that all of our clients are supplied with the right design, screen print, digital print or finishing process helping them achieve the edge over their competitors.

Remember – Value is not always price driven!