Kiss cut self-adhesive Stickers, Lettering & Logos

  • June 24, 2016
  • Production Process

Kiss Cutting ….. A term used for cutting the vinyl of a sticker, but not the backing paper.

It’s like a real kiss, but with a razor sharp blade.

How many shapes or colours can I have?

Kiss cut stickers can be any shape or colour. From white, clear or coloured vinyl to a full colour pre-printed image, your Kiss Cut Stickers can be supplied as single stickers, in the form of larger artwork with a removable sticker inset, or a whole sheet of stickers printed with a repeated design or multiple images on the same sheet.

They can be self-adhesive paper, vinyl or static self-cling window stickers (that’s the no adhesive re-positionable option).

Stickers in sheet form are commonly used for labelling and logos, where the image is peeled off the sheet leaving the background in tact which can be recycled, thrown away or, in some instances, reused to store static window stickers for use another time.

An example of this maybe seasonal or themed window decorations where a self-cling window sticker can be used for a particular display, easily removed from window and returned to the backing sheet for safe storage to be used again at a later date.

Alternatively, you can have individual letters and logos supplied with easy application tape.

Why would you want that?

We can supply pre-spaced lettering and logos in position with the correct spacing. The image and / or letters are then kiss cut out and the excess background vinyl removed. Then a low tack application tape is applied to the face of the sticker. This enables you to easily peel away the image, keeping it in the correct position prior to placing it on the desired surface. Once sticker is in place, rub down and carefully remove the application tape and ……

Voila! …… Individual letters placed in the correct position, fast and hassle free!

This is particularly good for Window Safety glass stickers, Boat names, Caravan security stickers, Retail shop window stickers, Machinery stickers or anything where a solid background will detract from the overall design.

Kiss cutting can be fun; the options are not-quite-but-very-nearly endless.