Keeping it Simple!

  • January 14, 2016
  • News

The New Year – Always a great time to reflect on what has been.

The confederation of British industry has recently labelled 2015 as “a tough year” for retailers with many announcing weaker-than expected Black Friday Sales. This prompted a drive in pre- Christmas sales closely followed by the post-Christmas sales!

Whilst trying to grab myself a bargain in the sales it became apparent how much the retail buying culture is changing. The moment I stepped foot in store I was bombarded by multi-channel campaigns from every brand trying their hardest to keep me interested to the point of purchase – exhausting!

It made me think …. Are we in danger of over complicating the buying process regardless of the cost of the product and target market? I couldn’t help thinking that somewhere along the line in the name of progress, the objective has been lost, or, maybe it is because I became another year older and wiser at Christmas!

These days the shopper is more demanding and expects an entertaining shopping experience forcing premium brands to become more creative in their marketing choice. But please don’t forget the old message remains the same… Keep it simple!

What we Offer

Graphics UK produce adaptable point of sale material. Tailored sales aids delivered in advance of the event will maximise marketing spend, giving retailers the flexibility to personalise offers and change any products to be promoted depending on the demand levels.

Remember – Value is not always price driven – keep it simple and get your message across.

Happy 2016 to one and all…