The competition season for sports, clubs and games is well under way, and all around the country people are competing for various different prizes. Whether competition is at an amateur or professional level we believe that all good winners deserve a place on an honour board or trophy board. With that being said, we can use our talents to create a masterful, eye-catching display that honours all the winners of your club.

When it comes to producing honour boards and trophy winner boards, Graphics UK seek to provide a personal, tailored service for all customers. We spend a vast amount of time in conversation with secretaries, club managers and sporting professionals from Golf, Tennis, Football and Rugby, all of which have highlighted a never ending problem for honour boards… This is where we can help.

For starters, each traditional sign-writer has their own style. Examples of this can be seen on many wooden honour boards which have been updated in so many different styles of text, they often look unprofessional and untidy. Added to this, sign writing skills have become increasingly difficult to find and the cost of updating has increased. This has prompted some clubs to opt for self-adhesive letters which are stuck onto the traditional boards. Even though the text and style becomes consistent, the vinyl letters shrink over time. When they have not been applied correctly, they can be easily peeled off the honour boards. This then poses more problems for club owners and managers who have to dip into their pockets again.

So what are we offering?

Graphics UK have a proposal for all clubs, sports teams and groups to consider for their honour boards. For clubs up and down the country, we have produced trophy winner and honour boards that aren’t like the traditional ones you will have seen, but in fact offer so much more. Our honour boards have received mountains of positive feedback, which is probably down to the cost friendly methods of updating and adding new boards. The affordability and ease of our honour board production service clearly outweighs any other option proposed by others for trophies or honour boards.

The honour boards themselves can be printed on various bases, including coloured and clear frosted acrylic, and can be custom built to a size that best suits the needs of your club.

Graphics UK honour boards will incorporate your club’s logo, the title of the competition, along with all of the winners you wish to honour. You can also choose any font style with a choice of colours. The finished honour board will be supplied with pre-drilled holes and off-wall mounted fixings. It is good to know that with Graphics UK, your honour board can always be updated with very little effort, and at an extremely reasonable cost! So whenever there is a new winner or reason to have your honour board updated, you can always count on us to provide a reliable and cost efficient service!

… and how does it benefit you?

  • We print directly onto acrylic or your chosen material
  • You can choose any style, design, text and select a number of colours
  • Your logo is incorporated onto the honour board
  • It reduces costs and is very easy to update
  • There is no need to employ expensive sign writers
  • Each board has pre-drilled holes and is supplied with fixings ready for mounting onto your wall
  • It is an easy and cost efficient way to add new winners onto your board

If you are interested in having your own honour board manufactured by Graphics UK, please do not hesitate to get in touch with us today. We are more than happy to discuss our honour board service with you, regardless of your question or query, and will do our best to provide you with the important information you need.

We look forward to hearing from you soon!

Trophy Winners Honour Boards