For successful application sticker / vinyl graphics should be placed on a smooth, clean, dirt & dust free surface.

1. Thoroughly clean and de-grease the area where the sticker will be place with washing up solution or alcohol based cleaner ensuring the surface is dirt and dust free.

2. Place sticker in position and tack roughly into place with masking tape. Measure and check visually for proper placement and adjust if necessary.

3. If the sticker is fairly large, create a hinge vertically down the center of the sticker with masking tape.
Peel away half of the backing sheet to the hinge, ensuring the sticker remains stuck to the upper application tape and cut away.

4. Hold the end of the sticker at an approximate 45’ angle to the surface. Using a squeegee or soft cloth, carefully apply the vinyl sticker to the surface working from the hinge towards the outer edge in order to avoid wrinkles or air bubbles.

Repeat the same process for the other half of the vinyl sticker.

5. Now squeegee the entire vinyl sticker to ensure the graphic is stuck firmly in place.

6. Finally, remove the upper application tape carefully from the surface of the whole graphic and gently wipe with a soft cloth reducing the chance of air bubbles.