Easter Egg Window Sticker Strips


Set of 4 Single Sided Window cling Strips

  • Each pack contains 4 Easter Egg Window Cling Strips
  • Each strip apporximately 910mm x 150mm
  • Static self-cling PVC
  • Easy to apply and re-position
  • Single Sided
  • Use year after year
  • Create your own scene
  • Can be cut to lengths if required

Product Description

Pack of 4 Easter Egg Shop Window Cling Sticker Strips / Easter Egg Window Decorations

Great to go in the window and remind everyone that EASTER is approaching! Grab attention and boost sales with these delightful self cling window stickers.

All strips are 910mm x 150mm printed on clear static self-cling pvc and are easy to apply and remove.

Use multiple strips in a row for larger windows, create eye catching displays however you want!

Window cling stickers are very easy to apply and remove leaving no residue, so you don’t need to spend hours cleaning or scraping stickers off your window after Easter.
The clings are designed to be fixed to the inside of the window and viewed from the outside.

Best of all, keep the backing sheet and they can be used year after year.

Just add your imagination and bring your shop window display to life!